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Choy Sum (Choi San)


  • also called 'Choy San', 'Choi Sum', "Choi San'
  • fast growing Asian vegetable
  • leaves, stalks and flowers can be eaten, in stir fry, soups, stews or steamed
Quantity50 seeds
Best byNov-20, Sep-22
Choi Sum is a fast-growing Chinese vegetable with purplish leaves that can be harvested as early as 40 days after sowing. Use in stir fry, stews or steamed. Also spelt Choi San, Choi Sum or Choy San.
Sow inMarch, April, September, October
Sowing MethodRaise Seedlings
Depth to Sow
Germination7-10 days
Distance Apart30cm
Harvest40 days


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